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Història de la Ciència (II): novetats 2008

La setmana passada  començàrem a informar-vos de les novetats sobre Història de la Ciència incorporades l’any 2008 amb una recopilació de les novetats a Collectanea. Avui continuem  amb les novetats incorporades a Fons Modern:

Ede, A. The Chemical element : a historical perspective.
Westport (Conn.) : Greenwood Press, 2006

Fleming, J.R. The Callendar effect: the life and times of Guy Stewart Callendar (1898-1964), the scientist who established the carbon dioxide theory of climate change.
Boston, Mass. : American Meteorological Society, 2007

García Doncel, M. Observatori de l’Ebre: un segle d’història (1904-2004).
Roquetes : Observatori de l’Ebre, 2007

Hargittai, I. Candid science: conversations with famous chemists .
London : Imperial College Press, 2002 reimpr.Candid Science

Hargittai, I. Candid science II: conversations with famous biomedical scientists.Candid Science II
London : Imperial College Press, 2002

Hargittai, I. Candid science III: conversations with famous chemists.
London : Imperial College Press, 2003

Nambu, Y. Quarks : frontiers in elementary particle physics.
Philadelphia : World Scientific, 1985

Ohanian, H.C. Einstein’s mistakes: the human failings of genius
New York : W.W. Norton, 2008

Petterssen, S. Weathering the storm : Sverre Petterssen, the D-day forecast, and the rise of modern meteorology.
Boston : American Meteorological Society, 2001

Rayner-Canham, M. Women in chemistry: their changing roles from alchemical times to the mid-twentieth ceWomen in Chemistryntury. Philadelphia (Pa.) : Chemical Heritage Foundation, 2001

Vaughan, Ch. L. Imagining the elephant: a biography of Allan MacLeod Cormack.Imagining the elephant
Lansdowne : UCT Press, 2008

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